First things first

Thank you for the interest in our label. Before you send us a digital demo, please send us an e-mail explaining what your intentions are.

We sadly cannot accept:

A) single track demos

B) unfinished versions

C) remixes
(unless communicated with you beforehand) with the rights of the original belonging to another artist.


We don't listen to any mass out cc's music / demo mailings. Please only use sendspace and no other uploading system as most are violating the music rights. Please upload a zipped folder and tag it with your artists name, email and the date. Please tag each file with your artists name and mail. This will make it possible to always identify the tracks and allows us to give feedback. If tracks are not tagged with your artsist name it might occur you will not hear from us. Please refrain working with RAPIDSHARE (!) since this platform is hurting the whole electronic music scene!

As we receive a 50 to 80 demo's a day, please be patient.

Thank you.