we're very proud to release D. DIGGLER's album WORK on resopal.



Dear label, friends and enemies, This first post is dedicated to you.


I can still picture you, wether having just finished a session on a music-piece, demo – listening or artwork decision, always explaining with big gestures how composing and producing it and how it would evolve. Then you gave me some of the cleverest and wisest advice on my own pieces I ever got. I sometimes didn’t spend a lot of time with you. But some way over the years you touched me deeply. The day I thought about that you maybe could have left us, I had to fight on and to hold back the tears. Some people treated us like shit, most were gentle. Today as I write this to you, we will have anniversary. A decade has gone so fast. I had the honour to meet really great artists and to know you a little bit and I will try to work on this another decade. To kick off a lenting season in 2012 I’d like to propose our refurbished nice little site. Is it a good one? Tobi@Hort and Stefan@Buero-Buero designed and programmed a lot. We took control over Facebook, kicked out myspace, updated Soundcloud and established our own Resopal booking-agency. Not too bad for a small vinyl label ;). Meanwhile feel free to stroll around the site, check some drawings, graphic-design and wonderful music. And don't forget: it's all about acid mates, isn't it ?