HR in technology

Throughout our blog posts we have stressed the importance of the human resources department to any business.

Human resources not only helps companies obtain extraordinary candidates who work with passion, but also handles other tasks, such as the legal implications of being an employer, staff support and employee performance issues. In addition, the human resources department is responsible for creating a work culture that inspires employees to truly contribute to the success of the company while giving employees the opportunity to grow and learn new things every day.

According to a report published by the professional social network LinkedIn, 69% of HR professionals recognize that training the workforce is the top priority within their organizations; and 27% anticipate an increase in their budget. So you are most likely to be with your team every day looking for ways or strategies to help your people grow personally and professionally within the company.

Statistics confirm year after year that the only way to achieve success in a company is through the good work of its employees. But how can an organization ensure that all its employees are comfortable in their workplace and at the same time are able to achieve their goals?

Fortunately, technology is a great ally for HR to develop a strong training and development strategy capable of making employees more productive and effective, actively and intimately connected with the company and able to take advantage of changes, techniques and improvements in the industry.

If you feel that your training efforts are falling short and are not yielding good results, in this post we will talk a little about how the incorporation of technology and training and development initiatives can help companies to be prosperous while having passionate and capable people.

Developing formal and ongoing employee training

Formal employee training and development is a fairly obvious way to help your employees grow and achieve excellent results. Training not only helps them improve their knowledge and skills, but also allows them to excel in everything they do. It also empowers and motivates employees to try harder and go beyond what is expected of them.

According to the LinkedIn report, 58% of organizations use their own online platforms (such as LMS, or online courses tailored within the organization).

The new LMS systems or software allow for the creation of online training programs with which employees can learn and grow constantly. With this platform, human resources managers can expand the course offerings available to motivate employees and create a knowledge base that employees can access 24/7 and learn at their own pace.

Ongoing training and development with LMS software ensures that employees reach their full potential and easily adapt to the workplace and work culture. With such a system, they can always keep up with every corporate change and market trend, as well as keep abreast of industry best practices and strategies to continually improve and make learning initiatives worthwhile in the long run.

Encouraging teamwork

Encouraging teamwork between departments can have a big positive impact on your organization as a whole. When each team works in unison, wonders can really be achieved in the company. Remember that each and every one of them is an important cog in the company’s machine, so they should be encouraged to work together as such.

As a human resources professional, it is part of your job to connect all employees and ensure that they work together as one team. Fortunately, technology can help connect your employees and get them to mix and match and attend standing meetings and briefings from other teams so everyone can clearly see how they impact the organization.

A training and development software or LMS software makes it possible for all employees to learn and share knowledge, be on the same page and grow together, which can be a great motivator for further learning and development.

Incorporate mentoring and advice

Today’s employees, especially the millennials, expect their leaders to work as mentors, to help them overcome any obstacles and to teach them how to really contribute to the company.

New HR technologies allow for the development of mentoring and coaching plans in which managers can help those employees who need extra help to improve the way they do their jobs.

Improve your employees’ soft skills

Soft skills are exceptionally important for effective employee development, but are rarely seen as such. Now human resources departments are mainly focused on finding candidates who are able to perform all daily operations correctly.

However, soft skills can greatly improve communication and collaboration between teams, which can create an incredible work culture and help employees work in great harmony.

Luckily, your company can leverage the power of LMS software to improve employees’ soft skills and develop emotional intelligence through online social skills training that teaches them how to communicate effectively and be in complete cohesion with their teams.

There is no doubt that new technologies such as HCM software, e-learning platforms or LMS platforms can help you improve the way you train and encourage continuous learning in your company. That’s why we at PeopleNext invite you to get to know SuccessFactors’ e-learning platform.

An E-Learning or LMS platform such as SuccessFactors is a resource that provides benefits for both the company and your employees. It is a tool that provides accessibility to training plans, accelerates strategic learning, reduces recurring training cycles, decreases turnover and skill gaps, promotes collaboration and knowledge, etc.

Consider the opportunity to acquire training and development software and adopt continuous learning as part of your organizational culture. Remember that your employees’ work is essential to success and the more they are prepared and trained, the better the results, the more efficient they will be and the more successful they will be.

If you do not yet have an LMS software in your company, we invite you to get to know SuccessFactors, the human capital software that through its LMS E-learning module will allow you to motivate, develop and increase the learning of your employees in an effective and accessible way at all times.